Drape yourself in the Desert Harmony Look from Zaafira, where The Qalam Abaya and La Robe Zaafirate meet in a dance of desert-inspired grace. The harmonious blend of these pieces paints a picture of a serene walk through the whispers of sand dunes at twilight.

This ensemble tells a story of subtle strength and fluidity, designed for the woman who moves with purpose and dresses with intention. In a palette that echoes the infinite sands, it's a narrative of culture and contemporary style unfolding with each step she takes.

  • The Qalam Abaya
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    The Qalam Abaya

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  • La Robe Zaafirate
    La Robe Zaafirate



    Step into the Urban Oasis ensemble where the crisp Le Haut Zaafirate in white meets the intricate Zelij, for a look that's as fresh as a morning in Marrakech. It’s an outfit that celebrates the beauty of simplicity and the sophistication of detail, perfect for the cosmopolitan woman with a heart for tradition.

  • Le Haut Zaafirate
    Le Haut Zaafirate


  • Zelij - Silk Square
    Zelij - Silk Square



    Embrace the Midnight Mirage where the sleek La Robe Zaafirate in classic black harmonizes with the starry allure of the Nejma Veil. This look captures the mystery and depth of the night sky, designed for the woman who is a constellation unto herself.

  • La Robe Zaafirate
    La Robe Zaafirate


  • Nejma Veil
    Nejma Veil